Saturday, March 12, 2011

My First Project From a Vintage Pattern...

I have been collecting & selling vintage patterns for the last few years. So you'd think I'd have tried my hand at making a few? Sadly, no. I am ashamed! I finally got my act together and chose an easy "How to Sew Pattern" to make as a gift for a friend. She sent me an Appalachian Trail cross stitch kit a couple years back and when I finally finished it I decided to make this vintage jumper and applique the cross stitch on the front. Simplicity 7075 - from 1975. It was definitely easy, and decidedly fun. Who knows if it's wearable - it looks a little awkward, I'll admit - but I love the Lauren & Jessi Jung fabric with the delicate little deer and clouds.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I Buy Random Things - 1840s Antique Blouse & Cape

Here I am again, attempting to blog. Ideally this blog will revolve around all things sewing and crafting, in an attempt to document and keep track of the things I create and the things I collect. Welcome!

The story goes like this: In the summer of 2008, my grandfather and I went to a treasure trove of an auction. Former antique dealers were selling everything - and I scored this amazing antique cape and blouse from the 1840s to the tune of $10. I was one of just two bidders. Let's just say a lot of bargains went down that day, poor sellers!

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